Erotic Historicals

                           byEm Brown

Binding the Baroness

"Ten thousand pounds if you can seduce the Baroness Debarlow."

To save his estate of Chelton, Montague Edwards, a known rake, agrees to the Earl of Frotham's proposition. The Earl intends his son, the Viscount Tremayne, to marry well, but the Viscount has fallen instead for the scandalous Lady Debarlow.

To Abigail Debarlow, marrying the young Viscount is a means to avenging her mother's death. Her plans to elope with the Viscount, however, are upended by the handsome Montague Edwards. An accomplished seductress herself, she nonetheless finds herself at risk of succumbing to his advances.

When Montague discovers that Lady Debarlow is a patron of Madame Botreaux's Cavern of Pleasures, he kidnaps the Baroness and takes her to Chelton with the intention of fulfilling her every fantasy. But he soon finds he wants to do more than bind her body...

Failure to seduce the Baroness means he loses Chelton. But successfully seducing her may mean losing her altogether.

Em Brown © 2013  |  All Rights Reserved

Conquering the Countess

Married to the unfaithful Earl of Lowry, who disdains her lack of beauty, and scorned by her in-laws for not producing an heir for the earldom, Gertrude "Gertie" Farrington takes out her frustrations in the masked underground world of Madame Botreaux's Cavern of Pleasures. Concealing her identity there as 'Lady Athena,' Gertie is a domineering mistress with a peculiar propensity: she never allows a submissive to bring her to climax.

Back from years of exile after a scandalous duel, Sir Phineas Barclay, a notorious rake and seducer of women, becomes instantly intrigued by the Lady Athena on a visit to the Cavern of Pleasures. He poses as a submissive with the intention of seducing the icy mistress and uncovering her true identity.

As the Countess of Lowry, Gertie wants nothing to do with Phineas Barclay - a debaucher at best, and a murderer at worst. So why does she find herself hot and flustered in his presence?

Phineas Barclay finds himself strangely drawn to the Countess, but every step forward with her seems to be followed by a step back with the Lady Athena. Which woman will he choose to focus his seduction upon - or is it possible to conquer both Lady Athena and the Countess?

Read the short story prequel "Lord Barclay's Seduction" in Once Upon a Threesome.


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Mastering the Marchioness

The last person Vale Montressor Aubrey, the Marquess of Dunnesford, expects to see walking into Madam Botreaux's Cavern of Pleasures is his wife. Fortunately, she does not recognize him behind his mask, for he has had no intention of revealing his secret life as a Dom to his new bride.

Harrietta, the new Marchioness of Dunnesford, knows that she, modest in means and countenance, should consider herself lucky to be married to such a desirable man as the Marquess, even if he is rumored to have had more mistresses than one can count. But if he can have his fun, why can't she? And the dashingly handsome Lord Elroy seems just the man to make her forget about her lackluster marriage.

Vale knows that Elroy, also a secret Dom at Madame Botreaux's, is only out to serve his own interests. To protect Harrietta, Vale must claim her as his own, but he soon discovers this feisty wife of his isn't so easy to tame. Especially when things start heating up in the Cavern of Pleasures...

Em Brown © 2013  |  All Rights Reserved

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